TPUSA Faith at CONVO Church

At  CONVO Church, we are passionate about Biblical Citizenship.  This means we disciple people to be Biblical Christians living in the land where God has placed us.  In the United States of America, our Constitutional Republic is a gift that Christians are meant to steward.  We've been given liberty from the foundations of Christian beliefs and values, and we must live in a manner worthy of our calling.

Thousands of American churches—with millions of members—are aligned with TPUSA Faith's mission to restore traditional Biblical values in America.  At present, however, the majority of Christians in America lack civic engagement and opportunities to make positive political and cultural change in our nation. TPUSA Faith is on a mission to activate the Christian faith community to be civically engaged like never before, by empowering pastors and equipping their congregations to take action.
The goal of TPUSA Faith at CONVO Church is to effectively reach and educate those in their local faith community by:
  • Hosting weekly and monthly small groups that teach Biblical civic principles.
  • Providing ideas to build a civic ministry or program
  • Holding voter registration events
  • Delivering and picking up voter registration forms
  • Inviting civic faith leaders to speak


Church + Politics

Sex + Gender + Sexuality

Critical Race Theory (CRT) + Black Lives Matter (BLM)


CONVO Church is a house of refuge; this applies to everyone in this church or people you know that need a place of refuge.
Here is what we believe:
  • If you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy, please know that being pregnant is not a sin, and the child you carry is not a punishment; it is a blessing. God is knitting this child in your womb.
  • You may have made a sinful decision that led to this pregnancy, or you may have even been sinned against, but we want you to know you are loved, and we will do whatever it takes to help you carry and care for this precious child before and after birth.
  • We can never support or encourage a woman to have an abortion because the child you carry is made in the image of God and is intrinsically valuable and loved by God. You need to know how we will respond.
Here is what we won't do:
  • This church family will not gossip about you, shame you, or abandon you. This is a house of refuge, and we will not allow for the family of God to harm one another with words or actions contrary to the Love of God as revealed in his Word.
Here is what we will do:
  • We will do everything in our power to remove whatever obstacles stand in the way of you having this child. There are people in this church ready to mentor you, throw you a baby shower, and connect you with resources inside and outside of our church (local pregnancy care center). We will also hold men accountable for living out their calling to provide and protect women and children.
  • Finally, if you have ever had an abortion in your past, we want you to know that abortion is not an unforgivable sin. Whoever confesses and forsakes their sin finds mercy. If you have never gone through a post-abortion Bible study, we will be happy to connect you to one so that you can walk in complete healing and freedom.
Real Choices Women's Center
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