:moving people from guests to devoted, connected, and growing Christian disciples within the family of CONVO Church.


This is CONVO Church

This is our Welcome Party!
It takes place the first Sunday of each month.
Meet our Pastors and connect to the story, the vision, and purpose of CONVO Church.  Meet team members as well as other new people looking to make CONVO their church home. You start here before taking other sessions.


This is YOUR Faith

This is such a beautiful session led by members of our Pastoral Team as we explore the foundations of Christian faith.  Whether you are a new believer or have been a Christian for years, this session will encourage and strengthen you.
You will also become familiar with who CONVO Church is and what guides our emphasis and focus as a Church. 


This is the DREAM Team

Our Pastoral Team leads you in the important process of learning what and who our Dream Team is at CONVO Church.  We focus on the Acts 2 model of the Local Church and how God builds His Church.  This is where connection begins to take shape for you.  We go into detail on the culture of our Dream Team and what keeps us unified together for God's purpose in our Church.  


This is our UNIFIED Purpose

In this final session of ENGAGE, you will have the opportunity to see the places where you can begin to use your gifts, passion, and heart to serve on the Dream Team and officially make CONVO Church your church family.
Our team takes you through the important steps of how we serve, communicate, and organize the flow of various teams. 

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