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CONVO Culture


Jesus: Our Message

We are Jesus people, not religious people. Methods will always change but our message never will.

People: Our passion

Our heart is for ALL people. We are unapologetic for doing whatever it takes to reach people who seem far from God. It was the passion of Jesus to see the lost return home and it shall also be ours.

Love: Our Stance

Everything else is a conversation. Real life change happens in the context of a relationship, not points and positions.

Honor: Our Choice

We honor authority over us, people next to us, and team members under us.

Diversity: Our Responsibility

We celebrate and embrace all the colors of humanity as God created. Our responsibility is to do what it takes to be a representation of the human diversity which God has created. We choose to see color for its beauty and power for that is how God created us. We cannot honor what we claim we do not see. Unified diversity strengthens our church and community.

Generosity: Our Lifestyle

The greatest way we can demonstrate God’s heart is through our own generosity of finances, time, relationship, energy.

Leaning-In: Our Posture

We actively position ourselves to contribute to the environment, learn from the moment, and receive from the Holy Spirit.

Servant Leadership: Our Identity

If you’re too big to serve the small things, you’re too small to lead the big things. We do whatever it takes to serve people and bring the vision to life.

Excellence: Our Committment

We do the best with what we have. We never go half way. We give our all.