Building a Kingdom LEGACY  beyond ourselves
through radical generosity.

"Future generations will hear about the wonders of the Lord.  His righteous acts will be told to those not yet born..."  Psalm 22:30-31


is the vision giving initiative of CONVO Church where we sow into Four Lanes of LEGACY with radical generosity.


GOAL: $250,000

2023-24 LEGACY Focus

God has blown our minds and answered our prayers for a church HOME for CONVO!
LEGACY Giving for this year will go towards construction goals for our new building as we inhabit
what God has blessed us with and multiply ministry to all the Lanes of LEGACY.

Phase 1 Objectives:

  • Transform a warehouse into God’s House
    • Demolition of walls in warehouse and lobby
    • Buildout of sanctuary, lobby, and additional bathrooms 
  • Prepare The House for Worship
    • Audio System
    • Visual Lighting & Design
    • Stage & Platform
  • Design Excellence
    • Design the space to make the House beautiful and excellent
    • Outdoor building sign
    • Street, parking, & directional signage
    • Internal signage

Ideas To Generate Funds For LEGACY:

  • Give stock, crypto, or DAF through
  • Donating property, investments and other assets to the church for LEGACY
  • Cutting back on personal spending to save for LEGACY
  • Financial contributions from a business to LEGACY
  • Invite people outside the church to contribute who have similar missional passions
  • Creative fundraisers to benefit LEGACY projects

How To Give:

Click button below and select the best method of giving that works for you.