Meet The Team

Lead pastors

Craig & Cara Dyson

Lead Pastors

Pastors Craig & Pastor Cara pioneered CONVO Church in 2018. Their leadership is a dynamic combo with Pastor Craig being the primary visionary, leader, and preacher while leading the day to day ministry flow of the church.  Pastor Cara's leadership takes shape mostly in Missions, Worship, and Organizational Administration. They married in January 2001 while in Bible College and have 3 amazing children; Colby, Kate, and Jaden.  Craig & Cara have been ministering together as long as they have been married. They both love traveling and seeing the world. 

Pastoral Team

Nicole Wilson

Executive Pastor

Pastor Nicole brings a powerful gifting and skill set that strengthens the overall health of our teams at CONVO Church.  As the Executive Pastor, she oversees all the structure and organization of our Dream Team.  On top of being a wife and mother of two amazing girls, she also brings her experience as an educator and leadership coach.  Nicole is a part of our preaching team and oversees all GX teams.  

Rocky & Deb Polito

Pastoral Team

Pastor Rocky and Pastor Deb are seasoned pastors, church planters, and educators.  They carry a passion for the presence of God and to see people transformed by the Word of God. They serve on the Pastoral Team of CONVO Church which facilitates ministry and pastoral care of our church.  Rocky leads our Men's Ministry, Next Steps teams, is a part of our Preaching Team, and works with our pre-marriage coaching ministry. Deb leads our Kids Team and our Finance Team. 

Dan Gregory

Pastoral Team

Pastor Dan is a seasoned minister serving the church over the years in various roles of leadership.  He has a passion for discipleship and prayer.  Along with his wife Mary, they bring a faithful and passionate heart for people.  Pastor Dan leads pastoral care team and prayer teams at CONVO.


Son & Karli Jean

CONVO Youth Directors

Son & Karli are passionate about seeing the youth of our region encounter the presence of God and be discipled as passionate Christians.   With a missions background, they met while in YWAM and have been pursuing the call of God ever since.   They serve as the Directors of CONVO Youth over our middle school and high school ministry. 

Michael & Rachel Trefethen

CONVO Kids Directors

Michael and Rachel have a passion for raising up this generation to know God and to have their identity in God.  Both of them were raised in the church and value what it means to see this generation have the same experience.  They give leadership to the various Kids age groups with an emphasis on teaching children the Bible and the Holy Spirit.  They serve as the Directors of CONVO Kids. 


Overseers are Pastors of other churches who are Apostolic Elders to our Lead Pastors and who love CONVO Church.
Their role is providing counsel, spiritual covering, authority,  and relationship to our Lead Pastors.  

Doug & Donna Lasit

The Pearl Church (Denver, CO)

Pastors Doug & Donna Lasit are the Lead Pastors of The Pearl Church in Denver, Colorado.  Pastor Doug is a church plant coach, a church strategist, a champion of the Local Church and his hearts beats to see revival in cities and transformation in the lives of people. Pastor Donna is a world-renowned worship leader, recording artist, and speaker who is passionate about people finding life and purpose in Jesus.  

Carey Robinson

Movement Church (Orange Co, CA)

Pastor Carey is passionate about awakening people to their God-given destiny and building the local Church.  Pastor Carey and his wife Meghan moved to Orange County and started The Movement Church to do just that.  He is a successful coach for other church planters and pastors.

CJ Hatlevig

District Church (El Dorado Hills, CA)

Pastor CJ is the Lead Pastor of District Church in El Dorado Hills, CA.  Pastor CJ has a passion for worship and the presence of God.  He carries a creative gift for creating environments where the lost can come to know Christ in dynamic ways.