My Confident Hope

What if you knew how to have CONFIDENT Hope? Lean in. Hope doesn't have to be circumstantial.

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy

and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow

with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Romans 15:13

How often do you say the words “I hope so”? Hope, on its own, is hopeless; we need a source for the hope to originate and to give it real meaning. The strength of our hope is determined by the strength of our source.

Think of your hope like a well. The well is only as good as the water source that is has. If your well is dug too shallow, it will eventually dry up and you will no longer have access to the water that helps to run your life. But, if you dig your well deep enough you will eventually tap into an unlimited source of water, your well will never run dry.

The circumstances around your source can influence the strength of your hope and faith. Placing your faith in Jesus Christ is what connects your well of faith to a reliable unlimited source. That’s when we can take our hope and place it in ONE who will never abandon us. Our hope becomes strong and confident. 

Confident hope comes from unshakable faith

Confident Hope will not shake beneath your feet when our faith is deep in Christ. Shallow faith is circumstantial faith. If your faith is shallow, then you will lose your stability easily.

When we put our hope in Christ, it is a 100% hope. It is something that is secure and stable. We can be sure that God is never going to let us down. On the other hand, if you put your hope in money, when the money runs out so does your hope. If your hope is in the opinions of those around you, then the moment those opinions become negative – your hope will dry up too.

Doubt is the enemy of hope. Doubt will dominate us when we allow our faith to be determined by things around us.




Christ is never be shaken by the circumstances. Confident hope means we will not be shaken in our faith either. We need to surrender to Christ the things that are controlling us and watch the faith that comes from Christ bring us new life. 

Where does your hope come from?)

Struggling with hope and faith does not make you a bad person – it makes you a real person. We will always have imperfection within us, but the key is to give it over to God and keep digging a deeper well of faith in Christ.

Our faith will be tested, but the key is to go back to the source.

Remember: if God can give you grace, you can give yourself grace.

Seasons of life will come and go, but the love and power of Jesus will always be there. As we continue to walk through this uncertain time of life, it is important to lean into our faith and free ourselves of doubt, negative influences, and mindless media consumption.

The word of God is always there to guide you; use His words as instructions to help you navigate your life. God does not limit what he communicates through his word. The answers you are searching for are already within you and the bible is a key to unlocking them.

Just like light only become visible in darkness, hope only becomes visible when circumstances are hopeless. 

Give yourself grace

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I hope this message has inspired you, encouraged you, and helped to build your faith.

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